During a seminar held by http://kdprofessional.ca/services/corporate-accounting-business-tax-services-calgary, I was able to note a few of the little details that might be applied to limit overspending and control my expenses. I have this dilemma of spending too much especially during month end when I’ve just received my salary. As the days approach however, I realize that I am almost left with nothing and as the next month end approaches, I am more and more particular of how to budget. If you’re like me, these are tips you can consider to assess your current lifestyle and spending habits.


  1. calgary-accountantSpread out your splurges

A reward need not be a monthly habit; you can cut down on massages, coffee night outs, and other body treatments by doing them once in every two months than monthly. Vacation trips must also be budgeted and done in a timeframe wherein  you can first replenish your savings prior to having another travel scheduled. By spreading out your splurges, you are also practicing your mind to focus on much necessary things.


  1. Consider DIY projects

There are small tasks we ourselves can accomplish rather than hiring another person to do it. Cleaning services for example, instead of paying for a house cleaner to do it for you, take cleaning as a therapeutic way to relax. By doing so you are also able to see which items you are barely using which can lead to decluttering your home. Another task you can DIY is doing laundry; instead of just dropping it off at the shop, why not settle for laundromats and save more money.


  1. Live the life you can afford

Take a step back and look at where you have been spending your hard-earned money. Are you investing enough on things you need, or are you merely paying bills and subscriptions that you don’t really use that much? Cut down on things that only give you a glamorous look, and not a glamorous life.


  1. Make saving a habit

Decide on a fixed amount to set aside as your monthly savings. When this task becomes a monthly habit, you feel less burdened by it and start to see it as a necessity.


  1. Maximize what you have

Most of our purchases are brought about by impulse buying wherein at the end of the day, we might really not be needing this item. Lessen those tendencies by maximizing what you currently have and allow yourself to fully use it before buying a similar material. With clothes, it also helps to have a closet that can showcase all your stuff because you are able to see just how much you have and also are able to utilize what is available. When we are unable to see some clothes, they usually remained unused and so it’s best if you expose your items.


Being frugal does not mean not spending, rather it is being wise on how you spend because at the end of the day you worked hard for that money. Do not let bills and the need to settle balances be your drive to work harder; let it be the will to live a comfortable life while not missing out what today has to offer.